Don’t Let It Define You

It wasn’t what you wanted. Hey, you wished it hadn’t even showed up. That situation or issue came in your life like a rushing wind and turned your world upside down. You have been left with issues from the issue or situation. Oh my goodness, it’s been hard to get your life right again. You have tried and faced setbacks and struggles along the way. The journey has been long and hard and you might of even wanted to give up, but God! God has kept you! I encourage you if this is you to keep holding on. Don’t let that thing define you! You are still fearfully and wonderfully made. The enemy might have tried to come in with nothing but negativity, but don’t fall for it. He only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Trust in God! It’s not over for you. This season in your life might be tough, but when you come out, you shall have a powerful testimony. Yes, what seems like a mess in your life will be a message to someone. You are so valuable, so again don’t let this thing define you.

Keep Pressing On And Remember That God Loves You!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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