She Gets The Job Done

She gets things done and she ain’t playing no games. Everybody knows her name. She is the Proverbs 31 woman. She is a working woman not just sitting back waiting for things to be handed to her. She is a woman who gets things done. She is giving to the poor and helping the needy. You see her! Not only that, she has maids, but she is getting food and cooking. Oooweee, this woman gets things done. She can make clothes and she is even running her own business. She teaches kindness, and she is a comforter and encourager to her husband. Her children call her blessed. This is a wise woman who is also physically fit. She is no idle woman. She is always ready for what lies ahead. She gets the job done and people know her for her work and praise her as well. She is the Proverbs 31 Woman.

God Bless!


How You Gonna Not Remember!

I’ve heard it said forgive and forget, but how you gonna forget? Now, let me explain. Forgiving is awesome. It helps you. Now, if you forget, then that’s another story. Yes, you can let that thing go and get over it.

If you forget about stuff, then how are you continually learning? How can you testify about where God has brought you from or how He has delivered you if you are forgetting stuff? How can children go from grade to grade if they are forgetting? How do you know how not to get back in some mess if you forgot about the mess you got into before?

Okay, let’s break it down a little bit more. The Bible includes many people. You see, they were not forgotten. In the Bible, the Israelites were to remember what God did for them. Joseph remembered what his brothers did, and yes he did forgive them. Even in the New Testament, we are reminded of people like Rahab and Abraham. God wants us to gain knowledge and wisdom. Now, we can’t do this if we forget stuff and never learn from mistakes. We got to learn. We just don’t know stuff. We are not all knowing. That’s God! We got to use stuff from yesterday and today in order to learn and grow and keep learning and growing.

You can’t grow if you don’t remember. You can’t testify if you don’t have a testimony. Somebody needs to hear how you made it through that. You might of been through some stuff, but if you got healed, delivered, made it through, and was set free, then I bet you learned something also. Not only that, but now you can turn that mess into a message. Now, how you not gonna remember?

Press On And Press Forward! God Bless!

Rise Up; It’s Not Over

Being in a bad situation or toxic relationship could make you underestimate the power of you. Once you break free, you must dream again and believe in you again. You must get your identity, strength, joy back. Pray to our Heavenly Father, and He will restore you. It is not impossible. It is not over for you, so get that fight in you, and be all that God wants you to be.

Press On, Press On!

It’s Not You

You were trying, and that’s good. You did your best and that’s good. Now, the truth is that no matter how hard you tried or what you did, there was going to be another hurdle and another. Again, it’s not you. It’s the abuser.. In the midst of this, love yourself and don’t beat yourself up. Seek help and keep your head up!

God Bless You!

Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is no small thing. It is a thing that hurts and strips at the inner core of a person, especially if it is done by someone who is thought to be trustworthy or someone who you love and know. Verbal abuse can be subtle, but end up being constant and without restraint. When someone verbally abuses another, then they show how little they really care about that individual. Verbal abuse is embarrassing and shameful. It creates low-selfesteem. Again, people need to be made aware that this is no small thing. Some might say that she wasn’t hit or that she needs to get a backbone. Well, if the truth be told, words, screaming, cussingat, and destroying a person can hit real hard. That victim is strong is strong because she is not stooping to her abusers level, but she does need help. She needs to be heard. She does not need to be condemned, laughed at, or shamed. She needs a trustworthy person who will listen and guide her through some difficult decisions.

Let’s Spread Some Kindness! God Bless!

The Aftermath

The aftermath of a storm can be just as devastating as the storm itself. Now, the storm is over, but now you might be dealing with the trauma caused by the storm. You might look at yourself and see what the storm did, and you might have flashes about being in the presence of the storm with all of its chaos or torture . Since the storm is over, it is cleanup time. You got to let go how bad that storm hurt you. Let go of the hurt and the shame. Now, here is the tough part but the necessary part. Forgive the storm and forgive yourself, especially if you kept running back to the storm. A storm will take stuff from you, but it is time to get it back. It is time to get your peace and joy back and whatever else was taken from you. Hold your head high and rebuild or rise up. Rise up and be better than ever. It got you down and thats understandable, but it’s time to get back up now. You Got This!

Press Forward!!

How You Feeling?

You been hurt so many times. You have cried night after night. You have even wondered why you had to be going through what you are going through. You might of been just about to lose your mind, but praise God that you didn’t. You started turning your life around. You started have more restful nights and again, you didn’t lose your mind. You ain’t crying no more, so how are you feeling now? When you look back over your life, thank God for where He brought you from.

God Bless!