She Gets The Job Done

She gets things done and she ain’t playing no games. Everybody knows her name. She is the Proverbs 31 woman. She is a working woman not just sitting back waiting for things to be handed to her. She is a woman who gets things done. She is giving to the poor and helping the needy. You see her! Not only that, she has maids, but she is getting food and cooking. Oooweee, this woman gets things done. She can make clothes and she is even running her own business. She teaches kindness, and she is a comforter and encourager to her husband. Her children call her blessed. This is a wise woman who is also physically fit. She is no idle woman. She is always ready for what lies ahead. She gets the job done and people know her for her work and praise her as well. She is the Proverbs 31 Woman.

God Bless!


How You Gonna Not Remember!

I’ve heard it said forgive and forget, but how you gonna forget? Now, let me explain. Forgiving is awesome. It helps you. Now, if you forget, then that’s another story. Yes, you can let that thing go and get over it.

If you forget about stuff, then how are you continually learning? How can you testify about where God has brought you from or how He has delivered you if you are forgetting stuff? How can children go from grade to grade if they are forgetting? How do you know how not to get back in some mess if you forgot about the mess you got into before?

Okay, let’s break it down a little bit more. The Bible includes many people. You see, they were not forgotten. In the Bible, the Israelites were to remember what God did for them. Joseph remembered what his brothers did, and yes he did forgive them. Even in the New Testament, we are reminded of people like Rahab and Abraham. God wants us to gain knowledge and wisdom. Now, we can’t do this if we forget stuff and never learn from mistakes. We got to learn. We just don’t know stuff. We are not all knowing. That’s God! We got to use stuff from yesterday and today in order to learn and grow and keep learning and growing.

You can’t grow if you don’t remember. You can’t testify if you don’t have a testimony. Somebody needs to hear how you made it through that. You might of been through some stuff, but if you got healed, delivered, made it through, and was set free, then I bet you learned something also. Not only that, but now you can turn that mess into a message. Now, how you not gonna remember?

Press On And Press Forward! God Bless!

The Complexity Of The Situation

I would do it like this or I would do it like that? Have you ever heard these statements before? These statements were made because it’s easy when you are looking at a thing from the outside in, but when you have to walk in those shoes, it becomes complex. The complexity of the situation hits hard. You see, that relationship could be so complex and it could have your brain all messed up, but no one would really understand the complexity of it unless they wore those same uncomfortable shoes. It’s easy to say quit your job and do what makes you happy, but when you have mouths to feed and no help, you got to do what you got to do until you come up with a plan that works for you. There is always more to it than what you here or more than what you see. Hey, if you are in a complex situation, hold on, don’t give up. Give it to God! Make your plan and sort some stuff out. Oh, and refuse to listen to those haters. Do you and remember God got you!

God Bless!

The Phobia Of It Now

Have you ever stopped wanting to do some stuff that you used to love doing? Maybe you used to love driving, but that horrible car accident that you witnessed or was in now makes you nervous to even get in a car. Maybe you loved a certain animal, but then it became violent, so now you don’t want to get close to the that type of animal. You could of enjoyed hanging out with friends, but your so called friends might of betrayed your trust and took advantage of you, so now you are afraid to get close to anyone. Maybe you could of even enjoyed having sex, but you could of been in an abusive relationship, so now your thoughts about sex are just negative. Well, don’t beat yourself up because you have some phobia now. What you experienced harmed you, and you need to heal. Forget what your haters say. Take your time and heal. What you been through affected you, so your process of healing needs to be done in the best interest of you. Your pain is valid and you are valuable. Keep the faith and you will come through even your most difficult challenge.

God Bless You!

I Will Not Be A Chameleon!

What they did hurt, but you have got to leave that thing alone. Don’t let it get the best of you. Don’t start doing what they do. Don’t change because of your feelings and the character of them. I was exposed to some stuff, I felt myself slipping but I will not become what I was exposed to. Bad company corrupts good character. Don’t fall for it! It’s a trap. They want you to stoop to their level. Keep being you!

God Bless!

Orange Juice From A Grape…Say What!

You can’t get out of them what’s not there. You are there because you don’t want to give up. You are there because you believe that what you have is love, but is what you see really love? Does love hurt? According to Scripture, there is no fear in love. If that bad thing that you have experienced have occurred time and time again, then is that love. Love is kind. Are you getting kindness? It’s something coming out of that person, but is it love. You want and hope for something that is not there. Now, you can’t get orange juice from a grape, and don’t think you can get love out of an abuser. An abuser produces anger, manipulation,physical abuse, verbal abuse, control, and so on and so on. Love Yourself and and Keep Your Eyes Open!

Press Forward!!

Do You See You?

No one is there. No one can be found. Who can you trust? You need some help and encouragement. Well, do you see you? Yeah, it hurts when it seems like everyone has turned their backs on you. It hurts when you find out that no one is to be trusted. It hurts when you see that people will use you and abuse you to get what they want from you. It just hurts to look around and see that there isn’t anyone to call on in your hour of need. Now, we know that we can call on God, but did you know that you got some power too. Yes, child of God, you got power too. Do you see you? You have those words inside of you that you want to hear from others, but go ahead and speak them over yourself. Do you see you? You are equipped to do great things, so go ahead and go after that dream. Do you see you? After all you’ve been through, you are still here. You are resilient. You are stronger and don’t forget that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Yes, it’s good to have a good and trustworthy friend or relative, but when you don’t, count on yourself and trust yourself. Don’t count yourself out. God Bless!

The End

Every story has an ending. Whether it is a good story or a bad one, it has an ending. With that being said, your bad story has got to end. How will you end that thing? Will that story go on forever? Come on now, if your story that you are in right now seems like a nightmare or some type of scary story, then you must make a plan to end that nightmare. Your ending could mean that your situation or issue could get better or your ending could be that you are just letting go of some people or things. Anyways, think about what’s going on in your life and pray about it, then make a plan to end the madness some kind of way. Next, it will be time for your new story; your better story.

Press Forward!

Do The Thang

Re-evaluate your life! Are you where you want to be? Are things hindering you? Do you want to change? After taking a look in the mirror, take some notes on what you see. Now, are you ready to make a change? Okay, remember no one is perfect, so we can always learn and grow. Maybe there are some weeds that need to be pulled up and thrown out. Maybe you need to plant some new stuff in your life. Don’t do it for your haters your family, or your friends, but get your life right for you and God. Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord. Give it your best!

Press Forward!

My Testimony

After all the stuff I been through, I know that it is by the grace and mercy of God that I’m making it. Thank God! Though I have had many sleepless nights, God has kept me going. I’ve cried and cried, yet I’m still here. I sought help, yet it seemed like no one understood my pain, yet some tried to use me while I was already down. I felt like I was going under, but God. Yes, God woke me up! He helped me see what I was too blind to see. He gave me insight! If can’t nobody do it, God can! You might go through your season of trials and tribulationsfor a long time, but have faith and you will come out! Don’t stop calling on him! He will make a way!

Press Forward!