Don’t Know No Flags

She waa in love, and she that their love was going to last a lifetime. She forgave and forgave, and why not, she knew no nothing about no flags. After all, no one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. She was in love. Although she cried and cried, she still ignored the signs of whatContinue reading “Don’t Know No Flags”

This Thing Called Love

Love is an action. It is a good action. It is not something said in order to manipulate or control another. Now, some people in relationships use this word just to get what they want, so some people have fallen for the lie. They have fallen for the love lie. Nothing is wrong with wantingContinue reading “This Thing Called Love”

If You Don’t, Who Will

Stop depending on others to validate you. Stop putting all of your trust in others. It’s time to ask God to give you wisdom, then put some trust in yourself that you can be all that He has called you to be. God Loves You! Yes, there are some people people you can trust andContinue reading “If You Don’t, Who Will”

Rise Up; It’s Not Over

Being in a bad situation or toxic relationship could make you underestimate the power of you. Once you break free, you must dream again and believe in you again. You must get your identity, strength, joy back. Pray to our Heavenly Father, and He will restore you. It is not impossible. It is not overContinue reading “Rise Up; It’s Not Over”

It’s Not You

You were trying, and that’s good. You did your best and that’s good. Now, the truth is that no matter how hard you tried or what you did, there was going to be another hurdle and another. Again, it’s not you. It’s the abuser.. In the midst of this, love yourself and don’t beat yourselfContinue reading “It’s Not You”