Staying Focused

What does staying focused require? Whatever it is that is important to you, you must stay focused. Stay focused on your dream, stay focused on becoming addiction free, stay focused on becoming independent not codependent, stay focused on breaking free from people and things that harm you, and stay focused on God. That last oneContinue reading “Staying Focused”

Orange Juice From A Grape…Say What!

You can’t get out of them what’s not there. You are there because you don’t want to give up. You are there because you believe that what you have is love, but is what you see really love? Does love hurt? According to Scripture, there is no fear in love. If that bad thing thatContinue reading “Orange Juice From A Grape…Say What!”

After All Of That

Sometimes when we are in a place of need, we search for help and get help where we can get it. Now, sometimes the help that we receive is no help at all. In fact, some people or stuff could even make our situation or issue worse. Of course, we need to be able toContinue reading “After All Of That”

Get Your Act Right

Situations can be so devastating. Sometimes people are praying and hoping that other person would get their act right. Well, sometimes to get out of dysfunction, oppression, and depression, you just might have to get your act right. Not that you did anything wrong, but if the situation is just a cycle of dysfunction, abuse,Continue reading “Get Your Act Right”