Black Lives Matter

Yes, all lives matter, but the out cry isn’t for all lives. You see, for the longest there has been injustice and prejudice toward blacks. They are getting killed and judged by the color of their skin. Now, does everyone go through the same thing? No, of course not, so again all lives matter, butContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

It has run its course

Sometimes it’s time to set it free. If you tried and tried to get a thing to work, but you kept getting setbacks, or kept getting hurt, then it might be time to re-evaluate the thing. Your heart might be right, but that isn’t going to help. A relationship that hurts and causes emotional painContinue reading “It has run its course”

When you are tired of being tired

How do you hold on, no no, how do you carry on when you are just tired of being tired? Sometimes the situation just keeps getting worse and it looks like there is no end in sight. The pain is real and in the midst of pain, there is no where you can go. YouContinue reading “When you are tired of being tired”

Value You Even When They Devalue You

If you believe that you are valuable, then you will live a more fulfilling life. You will be less stressed and you will have more hope. When you think you are not valuable, then you are stressed about living up to expectations or stressed about not being good enough. When you believe negative things, you’reContinue reading “Value You Even When They Devalue You”

Hold On

When you don’t know what to do, hold on. When you don’t know who to trust, hold on. When you have had just about enough, hold on. There is hope even when you are in a situation that you believe is impossible to get through. God loves you and He will give you wisdom andContinue reading “Hold On”

Put a ‘Stop’ On It!

Many times people have said some things to others and that just got in their spirits. It was negative but it sounded so believable. The things they said just sunk in. Well, it’s time to put a stop on what has been holding you back, stopping you, and whatever has affected your life. They said,Continue reading “Put a ‘Stop’ On It!”

Devil, Get Off My Back!!

You know, it’s always something! You try your best to do good, but the devil is just waiting for you to mess up. Have you ever tried to improve in an area, but you almost slipped? Yelp, you almost said yes to that bad thing you used to do, but you remembered that you’re tryingContinue reading “Devil, Get Off My Back!!”

I’m Sorry, but You’re Not Going To Be Perfect, but It’s OK

Hey, you might fall down, but when you do, pick yourself back up and start running again. You might not be a 1st place runner, but don’t beat yourself up because you are still qualified to be in the race. Sometimes we might encounter new and unforeseen circumstances and we might not handle them right,Continue reading “I’m Sorry, but You’re Not Going To Be Perfect, but It’s OK”