He Got You! Trust in God in He will bring you out. He will deliver you, transform you, or even set you free. He might not come when you want Him to, but He is an on time God. He is working it out for you. Trust Him!

God’s Love God loves you! He sent His Son to die for you. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He created you and He created you with a purpose. I don’t know what you are going through, but hold on to God’s unchanging hand. God Loves You!!

I Was Made Like This. God is so awesome in all He does. He made the Heavens and the Earth and all that is in them. Yes, that includes us! Everything that He made was good, which means I’m all good. We are all good! I am unique, but hey, we all are. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. No matter what we look like and no matter what characteristics we have, when we were made, we were good. Now, like a lot of things that were made good, we messed them up. Yes, we mess up our own temple, but besides all that, nothing about me or you was made with a mess up. We were made in the image of the Almighty God who makes all things good. Yes, we might of done wrong in our lives, but we most dust ourselves off and be proud of who we are. Look in the mirror and smile. Next, say ‘I Was Made Like This’ and I’m all good. Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves. We have messed up and been through some stuff, but we have to shake it all off. Be proud of who you are and know that God made no junk. Don’t let anyone bring you down about who are. Instead, be all good with the good work God has done. Anytime that you feel down, just look in the mirror and smile, and say, ‘I was made like this’. God Bless!

You can’t give up now

They say it will only make you stronger. They have even said that if there is no pain, then there is no gain. Now, these sayings are so true. Sometimes you can’t get to the better without going through something and sometimes you won’t learn how to grow unless you have messed up a fewContinue reading “You can’t give up now”

It’s A Surprise Test

Oh my goodness, have you ever been hit hard with an impossible situation or circumstance? Did it happen in the blink of an eye? You probably didn’t even believe what was happening. Well, sometimes we get hit by the storm. It’s like a surprise test, but we must act. We must remember. We can’t forgetContinue reading “It’s A Surprise Test”

Is God Pleased With Sexual Abuse In Marriage

Everything God created was good. God created man and He created woman to be man’s helpmate. God does some pretty awesome things. Now, let’s talk about this man and woman whom God created. Did God create woman for the man to abuse? No, of course not! God is a loving God. There are some menContinue reading “Is God Pleased With Sexual Abuse In Marriage”

Verbal/Emotional Abuse in Relationships

It is like you are living in a fairy tale in the beginning. You know, you will get the wonderful compliments, attention, and concern from your significant other. As time goes by, all of that begins to fade. You begin to get criticized and there is a lack of concern. There is even less attentionContinue reading “Verbal/Emotional Abuse in Relationships”