Wake Up!

Wake up, wake up! That thing that you are in is not right, and it might not get right. You probably feel this in your spirit. If you are concerned about making a change, then weigh your options. Then ask yourself whether you want to stay in that rut where you are comfortable or findContinue reading “Wake Up!”

Stay Strong

Maybe you have fallen for it. Maybe you fell for the lies, the manipulation, the temptation, the promises, the thing that looked or sounded good but really wasn’t, or the short lived kindness or something else. Whatever it was, I want to encourage you to be strong. Hold to your values, hold to your faith,Continue reading “Stay Strong”

That Won’t….OOPS, Do Not Finish That

Have you ever thought that this or that wouldn’t happen to you? Some people have just been so sure that it wouldn’t. Well, it is good to have a good outlook on life. Now, even though you have a good outlook, do not be so quick to down play someone’s situation or circumstance. They mightContinue reading “That Won’t….OOPS, Do Not Finish That”

Rise Up!!

Boy, it has been a long time! You have been through some stuff. The issues and circumstances have had you angry, depressed, crying all the time, gaining weight, losing weight, hopeless, so on and so forth. You might of been through some financial issues, health issues, abuse, or been feeling rejected, neglected, oppressed, etc., butContinue reading “Rise Up!!”

Dear Issues

This letter is not addressed to just one of you, but it is for all of you (depression, rejection, insecurity, pain, lack, sickness, guilt, etc.). I am happy to inform you of some great news. I am moving forward with my life. I’m getting some things together. I’ve been stagnated for too long, but IContinue reading “Dear Issues”

Don’t Exclude Yourself

You saw momma and daddy work hard, but they weren’t a doctor, lawyer, teacher, scientist, government official, and didn’t have any other prominent positions. No, it wasn’t anything wrong with what they did do. After all, they put food on the table and kept a roof over your head. In fact, everyone you knew workedContinue reading “Don’t Exclude Yourself”