It’s Not You

You were trying, and that’s good. You did your best and that’s good. Now, the truth is that no matter how hard you tried or what you did, there was going to be another hurdle and another. Again, it’s not you. It’s the abuser.. In the midst of this, love yourself and don’t beat yourselfContinue reading “It’s Not You”

Sweep It Under The Rug

It stays between them. It shouldn’t be shared or else its betrayal. Now, this so true, but it can also be so wrong. He might tell her what goes on between them, stays between them even the abuse. He might tell her that she is running her mouth when she confides in counselors because ofContinue reading “Sweep It Under The Rug”

That Addiction

Hey, are you addicted? Is that really love or have you just gotten used to that situation or feel stuck in that situation? That abusive situation may have got you feeling some type of way, but don’t you give up. You have gotten addicted to the fake love, but there is hope.. What do IContinue reading “That Addiction”

The False Integrity of Them

You were hurt often by their words or actions. You tried your best not to destroy their reputation or make them look bad. You kept their secrets behind closed doors. While you were protecting them, who was protecting you? Oh my goodness, this has to stop! You can’t be hurt in the dark while theyContinue reading “The False Integrity of Them”

Verbal/Emotional Abuse in Relationships

It is like you are living in a fairy tale in the beginning. You know, you will get the wonderful compliments, attention, and concern from your significant other. As time goes by, all of that begins to fade. You begin to get criticized and there is a lack of concern. There is even less attentionContinue reading “Verbal/Emotional Abuse in Relationships”

It’s Not Only the Earthquake, but It’s the Aftershocks Too.

Covid-19 is serious, but it’s not only the disease that people might have to deal with, but Lord Help Us, because it is even more stuff that we have no control over. People are layed off from work, some have lost their jobs altogether, some have a challenge of learning how to work from home,Continue reading “It’s Not Only the Earthquake, but It’s the Aftershocks Too.”