Pull It From The Root

Hey, what do you do nothing goes right? Do you just give up or do you just keep doing the same thing and getting the same result (insanity)? Sometimes, we have to go back in time. Yes, we have to take a journey back to where the problem began. We have to handle it byContinue reading “Pull It From The Root”

It’s Not In Vain

Yes, that thing is enormously painful, but it has a purpose. You are loving, kind, and hopeful, but is it all in vain? No, it is not! Maybe it’s been abuse, maybe it’s been unemployment, maybe it’s been financial hardships, maybe it’s been mistake after mistake, maybe it’s been health issues, etc., but nothing thatContinue reading “It’s Not In Vain”

You survived because of your life jacket

Life can be a mess sometimes. You want better, but you begin to accept how your life is. It seems like you have near dead experiences everyday, but God. Many people feel like they are drowning day after day. When they get their head above water, something takes them back under and tries to suckContinue reading “You survived because of your life jacket”

Supernatural Glasses

Have ever thought or even said, “I just don’t understand why people do what they do”? I know I have. There is so much evil in this world. It seems like everything is all about crime, sex, pride, and beating the next person to the punch, but what is really going on? Well, I hadContinue reading “Supernatural Glasses”

God Can Only Be God

For God can only be God. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are my ways your ways,” declares the Lord (Isiah 55:8). Humans will never be who God is. We can keep striving to be better than what we are, but the fact still remains, there is only one God. We do ourContinue reading “God Can Only Be God”

God is My Insurance

What has insurance done for you lately? After the wreck, they were able to get a brand new car. After the flood, they were able to get some new stuff. Because they have health insurance, they can afford to get their medicine. Have you ever lost some stuff and just wondered what you were goingContinue reading “God is My Insurance”

Whom shall I fear?

They surround me. They come after me. Their words are strong in my ear. The negativity is hard to ignore. Although they come up against me, I shall press on. I shall put their words and mockery under my feet and press on. I shall believe what His Word says. I am fearfully and wonderfullyContinue reading “Whom shall I fear?”