The Mess Ups

You messed up on your job. You messed up your relationships. You messed up your finances. Your flesh keeps rising up, and the mess-ups keep coming. You try to do the right thing, but you just keep messing up. What do you do when you have tried your best and you still can’t get itContinue reading “The Mess Ups”

Take the Blinders Off

Sometimes we only see what is right in front of us. Sometimes we only see a thing a certain way because we are all up in our feelings and can’t fathom for things to be any different. Sometimes, we just need to open our eyes to what’s really going on. It’s like this. We needContinue reading “Take the Blinders Off”

Sometimes Rejection is Necessary

If you have ever been hurt in any kind of way and know that’s not going to change because you give into the demands of another, then don’t keep doing it. If the truth be told, if you’ve been emotionally or physically abused, then you know that just because you do something like give intoContinue reading “Sometimes Rejection is Necessary”

It’s A Surprise Test

Oh my goodness, have you ever been hit hard with an impossible situation or circumstance? Did it happen in the blink of an eye? You probably didn’t even believe what was happening. Well, sometimes we get hit by the storm. It’s like a surprise test, but we must act. We must remember. We can’t forgetContinue reading “It’s A Surprise Test”

Get Back Up

It seems like you have been knocked out and you can’t get back up. People just don’t understand how many times you already got back up. You’ve been through so much. It might of been anything or a number of things. The abuse, the rejection, the financial difficulties, the health problems, the depression, etc., areContinue reading “Get Back Up”

Shed the Dead Skin

Sometimes we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We can become lighter if we just give up the dead weight. Let’s face it, there are somethings that we don’t need and these things can make us feel heavy. Yes, I’m talking about our burdens. Now, we don’t have to keep these burdensContinue reading “Shed the Dead Skin”