It may feel like you are already in Hell while on earth, but God…

Some are just going through. Day after day, they deal with things no one knows about. They put their face on, and smile. On the inside, they are screaming, “HELP”. The situation seems like it will never change because it has been going on for so long. For some, it has gotten to the pointContinue reading “It may feel like you are already in Hell while on earth, but God…”

Prayer for Domestic Violence Victims

Heavenly Father, so many are going through the unthinkable and the unnecessary and Farher God, I ask you to help those who feel helpless. Whisper encouragement even as they hear discouragement after discouragement. Lord, I’m asking you to heal them where it hurts. Lord, touch them right now. Although they feel broken, give them supernaturalContinue reading “Prayer for Domestic Violence Victims”

The Last Straw

Have you ever thought that if one more thing happens then it will be it for that job or relationship? Sometimes we take and take until we can’t take anymore. Someone might push your buttons, lie to you over and over, or treat you bad, but still many say, “I’ll let it slide, but ifContinue reading “The Last Straw”

Don’t Let The Flame Go Out

For you formed my innermost parts; you knit me [together] in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks and praise to Y You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psailm 139:13-14). He loves me and this my soul knows very well. On my good days, I will praise Him and boast how Awesome HeContinue reading “Don’t Let The Flame Go Out”

Move Forward In A New Kind Of Love

Okay, now I’ve heard that a man needs to be loved. Now, even though this is absolutely true because everybody needs to be loved, some say a man needs even more love because of what he didn’t get when he was a little boy. Also, if there wasn’t a father in the home or ifContinue reading “Move Forward In A New Kind Of Love”


Many feel bad about that wrong that they have done or the mistakes that they have made, but let me encourage you. MY GOD IS A FORGIVING GOD AND A LOVING GOD!! Some are hurt by what others have said about them. They say ‘you don’t have the right look’, ‘you don’t speak right’, ‘youContinue reading “Encouragement”

Put a ‘Stop’ On It!

Many times people have said some things to others and that just got in their spirits. It was negative but it sounded so believable. The things they said just sunk in. Well, it’s time to put a stop on what has been holding you back, stopping you, and whatever has affected your life. They said,Continue reading “Put a ‘Stop’ On It!”

It’s a Process

Have you ever been through a bad situation? If you have, then you know that things most often don’t change in an instant. Just because you want something better to happen to you, then that doesn’t mean that you will see immediate results. For many things to work, there must first be a mind changeContinue reading “It’s a Process”