The Toxic Tango

Some people have wanted their relationship to work, so they held on. Some people thought that if only they changed, then everything would work out. Some people thought that the bad thing that happened was a one time occurrence, but then it kept happening again and again. Some people thought that if they give upContinue reading “The Toxic Tango”


Abuse Is Serious

In relationships, people are being hurt mentally and physically. Abuse in relationships is real. The victim wants to tell someone, but who will believe her? The victim wants to tell someone, but who can she trust? Will that person betray her or think she is crazy and talk behind her back? I pray that peopleContinue reading “Abuse Is Serious”

No, It Can’t Be

No, it can’t be! Well,  think again! Anything is possible! Don’t be so blinded by love or caught up in that it can’t happen to me. Just because you don’t know about it or haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean it won’t or hasn’t happened to you. Sometimes when you are so caught up in aContinue reading “No, It Can’t Be”

Ask God To Open Your Eyes

Ask God to open your eyes, and He will. He will help you see clearly. Sometimes we get so blinded by the stuff we go through that we don’t even see the reality of the situation. For instance, if you’re in an abusive relationship then you just might be blinded by what you thought wasContinue reading “Ask God To Open Your Eyes”

The Expectation of Manipulation and Gaslighting

They keep trying to bring you down. They think you’re going to explode. Yes, they are trying to make you go insane. This mind thing that they are trying to do is dangerous and evil. Yes, it is evil, but stay strong if there is anyone in your life trying to play mind games. StayContinue reading “The Expectation of Manipulation and Gaslighting”

Your Healing Process is Different

Don’t worry if you are not coming along in your healing like someone else is coming along in theirs. That comparison thing is trouble. If you feel like your healing process is taking to long, then be assured it is okay.. There is a time for everything. Don’t dwell on the length just think aboutContinue reading “Your Healing Process is Different”

If You Don’t, Who Will

Stop depending on others to validate you. Stop putting all of your trust in others. It’s time to ask God to give you wisdom, then put some trust in yourself that you can be all that He has called you to be. God Loves You! Yes, there are some peopl you can trust and evenContinue reading “If You Don’t, Who Will”