This Thing Runs Deep

Oh my, this thing runs deep! The abuse wouldn’t stop. Now, you feel some kind of way. That person that you trusted, hurt you in a real bad way. You might of been neglected, but now you feel rejected. This is some real bad stuff. Lord, help! This stuff has a deep root. I meanContinue reading “This Thing Runs Deep”

You Must Carry On

Struggling, struggling, and more struggling, oh how devasting it can be. You been trying to do the best you can, but it just seems like trouble is always a knocking. Hey, I know that it can get rough. I know that it can get exhausting and even unbearable. No matter what season you are in,Continue reading “You Must Carry On”

The Mess Ups

You messed up on your job. You messed up your relationships. You messed up your finances. Your flesh keeps rising up, and the mess-ups keep coming. You try to do the right thing, but you just keep messing up. What do you do when you have tried your best and you still can’t get itContinue reading “The Mess Ups”

The Hidden Pearl

You’ve been burdened by the hardships of life. Let’s face it; life hasn’t been easy. It hasn’t been no roses and sunshine. You’ve had to fight. You’ve had to press your way through. You went through some stuff that you couldn’t even fathom. You were hurt, abused, rejected, depressed, talked-about, lied on, and had nowhereContinue reading “The Hidden Pearl”

Sometimes Rejection is Necessary

If you have ever been hurt in any kind of way and know that’s not going to change because you give into the demands of another, then don’t keep doing it. If the truth be told, if you’ve been emotionally or physically abused, then you know that just because you do something like give intoContinue reading “Sometimes Rejection is Necessary”

It’s Got To Be Better

It seems like you’re always going through something. There is always something whether it’s with your health, on your job, in your relationship, or your finances, it’s always something. They say if there is no pain, then there is no gain, but it’s got to be better than this. They say if you hold onContinue reading “It’s Got To Be Better”

You can’t give up now

They say it will only make you stronger. They have even said that if there is no pain, then there is no gain. Now, these sayings are so true. Sometimes you can’t get to the better without going through something and sometimes you won’t learn how to grow unless you have messed up a fewContinue reading “You can’t give up now”