He Makes All Things New

When you arise every morning, you arise to a new day. Yes, you might of went through some stuff the day before and the day before that, but essentially everyday is still a new day. You see, no matter what we are dealing with in our lives, everyday is still new. Since everyday is aContinue reading “He Makes All Things New”

Somethings Hit Hard

Have you ever just come to the realization of a thing? It could of been that you just realized that he or she really doesn’t care or the realization that your plan just isn’t working. Maybe it was the realization that you just got to come out of what ever you are in. Oh my,Continue reading “Somethings Hit Hard”

Struggle No More

Have you ever just struggled? I mean, have you ever smiled, but just cried on the inside? You might of been abused as a child or even as an adult and it took a hold on you. Hey, that’s not all! You might of struggled with your finances, your relationships, your jobs, and your health.Continue reading “Struggle No More”

Don’t Let It Define You

It wasn’t what you wanted. Hey, you wished it hadn’t even showed up. That situation or issue came in your life like a rushing wind and turned your world upside down. You have been left with issues from the issue or situation. Oh my goodness, it’s been hard to get your life right again. YouContinue reading “Don’t Let It Define You”

Take This From Me!

When you have been in a thing for too long or when you just can’t figure anything else out, what do you do? When your life is in a cycle of the same terrible thing after the same terrible thing, how do you get off the spinning wheel? Oh my, it is awful when weContinue reading “Take This From Me!”

God Is Blessing You

God has blessed you! God is blessing you! Can you see it? He is doing a new thing. Do you believe it? The old has passed away, and better is coming. Do you feel it? Yes, things might not look good, but that doesn’t mean things won’t change. There might not be a turn aroundContinue reading “God Is Blessing You”

In The Morning

The day went bad. The night went bad. Everything got messed up. Your plans didn’t go as expected. You might of gotten bad news on your job, bad news about your health, maybe something went wrong in your relationship, or something unexpected happened. Don’t lose hope and certainly don’t lose your joy. Yes, something badContinue reading “In The Morning”