Being alone has a bad reputation. Now, sometimes when you have been through some stuff, then you might need to spend some time alone. When you been used, abused, rejected, subjected, oppressed, and depressed, then you might need some time alone. Of course, it is good to confide in someone who you can trust, butContinue reading “Alone”

Hey, Look At Yourself Now

You went through some stuff. I mean, you were taken through the ringer, but you came out of it. Don’t you go back to that place in your mind. Yes, it took a toll on you. Hey, look at yourself now. You are so much better. You have learned some things and you have grown.Continue reading “Hey, Look At Yourself Now”

Its Just Been Delayed

You prayed for it and even wondered if you can still get that thing that you have asked for. Now, if it is in God’s will, then the answer to that prayer may have just been just delayed. Sometimes we just have to go through a thing before we get a thing. Sometimes God justContinue reading “Its Just Been Delayed”

How You Gonna Not Remember!

I’ve heard it said forgive and forget, but how you gonna forget? Now, let me explain. Forgiving is awesome. It helps you. Now, if you forget, then that’s another story. Yes, you can let that thing go and get over it. If you forget about stuff, then how are you continually learning? How can youContinue reading “How You Gonna Not Remember!”

Don’t Provoke Your Children

Although parenting can be challenging, being parents is a blessing. We are all born into a sinful world. Since, this is true, we must rise up and pray for our children each and every day. They are prey to the enemy, so we must continue to our heavenly Father to protect our children. They areContinue reading “Don’t Provoke Your Children”