Everyone Has Their Season

There is a time for everything. I mean everything (Ecclesiates). Sometimes we gonna cry and sometimes we gonna laugh. Now, here is the thing. Some people will have a shorter season for going through, but some people’s season of going through might seem like they will never get through. Your season of dealing with thatContinue reading “Everyone Has Their Season”

In The Morning

The day went bad. The night went bad. Everything got messed up. Your plans didn’t go as expected. You might of gotten bad news on your job, bad news about your health, maybe something went wrong in your relationship, or something unexpected happened. Don’t lose hope and certainly don’t lose your joy. Yes, something badContinue reading “In The Morning”

Stop Being Constipated

Oh my goodness, you have been holding onto that mess for too long. It’s time to let it go! Release it! Release that stuff to someone who you can trust. Release it to God! Get it off your chest and work through those issues before more issues come out of the ones you already have.Continue reading “Stop Being Constipated”

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

That terrible thing that you went through is over. This is what you thought. Everytime another thing happens, you think it’s over. That stuff you end up dealing with gets harder and harder to deal with. You see, you didn’t deal with the first terrible thing that happened to you, so when the next thingContinue reading “It’s Not Over Until It’s Over”

It Is Not What It Seems

Sometimes people think that they can’t do a thing or even make it because of the situation they are in. The situation that they are in could make them depressed, feel worthless, feel hopeless, have no self-esteem, etc. These are things that the devil want you to feel. He wants you to feel these thingsContinue reading “It Is Not What It Seems”

If The Truth Be Told

If the truth be told, they might like you a lot, a little, or not at all, but what matters is that you still stand tall. If the truth be told, you are just different from the rest, but we can’t all be the same. Oh boy, that would be a shame! If the truthContinue reading “If The Truth Be Told”