You’re Still Blessed

It hasn’t been easy for you, but you’re still blessed. You been lied on, talked about, mistreated, broke, felt broken, but you are still blessed. In your mess, God was molding you like clay. He was sharpening you like an iron. He was making you stronger when you thought you were weak. God woke youContinue reading “You’re Still Blessed”

Accept This

Some people have been through so much negative stuff that they have started to accept that nothing will ever change. They might of heard nothing but negative things like you will never amount to anything or nobody will ever want you. They might of experienced so much bad that they just have grown accustomed toContinue reading “Accept This”

Struggle No More

Have you ever just struggled? I mean, have you ever smiled, but just cried on the inside? You might of been abused as a child or even as an adult and it took a hold on you. Hey, that’s not all! You might of struggled with your finances, your relationships, your jobs, and your health.Continue reading “Struggle No More”

He Is Perfect

He is perfect and He will always will be. Reach out for Him! He is your friend! Isnt He perfect in all of His ways? Now, we, on the other hand are not. We don’t always get things right. For some, it is hard to love the ones who don’t love them back. We don’tContinue reading “He Is Perfect”

Take This From Me!

When you have been in a thing for too long or when you just can’t figure anything else out, what do you do? When your life is in a cycle of the same terrible thing after the same terrible thing, how do you get off the spinning wheel? Oh my, it is awful when weContinue reading “Take This From Me!”