You Can Come Out Of This!

This thing that you are going through is no joke. I know that it is a real serious issue. I know no one understands and you must feel all alone. That thing is wearing you out and making you feel like you are just about to lose your mind. Now, believe that thing is difficult,Continue reading “You Can Come Out Of This!”

His Needs

Are his needs important? Yes, they are. Now, let me flip this script. If his needs make him act rude, disrespectful, entitled, or even throw dangerous adult tantrums, then hold up and wait a minute. You see, this behavior does not need to be tolerated. First of all if y’all are married, then there shouldContinue reading “His Needs”

That Won’t….OOPS, Do Not Finish That

Have you ever thought that this or that wouldn’t happen to you? Some people have just been so sure that it wouldn’t. Well, it is good to have a good outlook on life. Now, even though you have a good outlook, do not be so quick to down play someone’s situation or circumstance. They mightContinue reading “That Won’t….OOPS, Do Not Finish That”

Honor The Wife

Honoring the wfe is right. Husbands do this so your prayers won’t be hindered. Yes, you are the husband, but you should live with and respond to her in an understanding way. Husbands if you are actually acting as the head of the household (being loving, protecting, providing, and leading your family to Christ), thenContinue reading “Honor The Wife”

Lets Specify The Nitty Gritty

Sex is a beautiful thing between a married couple. Now, let’s be real, what is beautiful about abuse of any kind in marriage? There is nothing beautiful about it. How many of you all know that there is sexual abuse in some marriages? Well, there is. One thing that happens is that the husband willContinue reading “Lets Specify The Nitty Gritty”


This is a beautiful Sunday that the Lord has made!!I attended church this morning and the church acknowledged breast cancer and domestic violence month, which is this month. Domestic violence is not just physical and the advertisement at church even acknowledged how the church needs to be more aware and compassionate about those being abusedContinue reading “Awareness”

Come Again

It is what it is. People will do anything to make someone feel bad or guilty or to get their way. In some relationships, a partner might even go so far as to condemn the other, especially when he or she doesn’t get his or her way. Now, these individuals might call their partner thingsContinue reading “Come Again”