Its Just Been Delayed

You prayed for it and even wondered if you can still get that thing that you have asked for. Now, if it is in God’s will, then the answer to that prayer may have just been just delayed. Sometimes we just have to go through a thing before we get a thing. Sometimes God justContinue reading “Its Just Been Delayed”

This Ain’t You

Have you ever heard about the commercial that says that you are not you when you are hungry, and to have a snickers bar? Well, let let me tell you that you are not you when that narcissist or that abusive person is trying to destroy you. You must take your life back, so thatContinue reading “This Ain’t You”

His Needs

Are his needs important? Yes, they are. Now, let me flip this script. If his needs make him act rude, disrespectful, entitled, or even throw dangerous adult tantrums, then hold up and wait a minute. You see, this behavior does not need to be tolerated. First of all if y’all are married, then there shouldContinue reading “His Needs”

Throw This At Them

They have thrown the sticks and stones at you. They threw words at you, and yes they did hurt. They were throwing left to right. Well, batters up! Throw this at them! Step out the ordinary, and do something different. Tell them no more! Tell them that you are the head and not the tail.Continue reading “Throw This At Them”

In Love, There is No Fear

There is no fear in love. Many are told that they are loved even though they are made to feel fearful by the person who told them. Relationships that are abusive in some shape or form can leave a person feeling like he or she is loved by no one. Remember, there is no fearContinue reading “In Love, There is No Fear”

God, No One Greater

He his with us. Praise God! Sometimes we may not believe He is, but He is. God is good! He is working behind the scenes. He is doing things that are little minds can’t even fathom. God is God and there is no one greater. Hang on in there! It might be hard, but giveContinue reading “God, No One Greater”

You Better Know This

Get to really knowing yourself, so you won’t attract the things that you don’t even like about yourself! Yeah, there is something that is very relatable and familiar about that thing. That thing is relatable, but it is also destroying you. Know what is hurting you, so you want invite the hurt in. Get toContinue reading “You Better Know This”