His Needs

Are his needs important? Yes, they are. Now, let me flip this script. If his needs make him act rude, disrespectful, entitled, or even throw dangerous adult tantrums, then hold up and wait a minute. You see, this behavior does not need to be tolerated. First of all if y’all are married, then there shouldContinue reading “His Needs”

Wake Up!

Wake up, wake up! That thing that you are in is not right, and it might not get right. You probably feel this in your spirit. If you are concerned about making a change, then weigh your options. Then ask yourself whether you want to stay in that rut where you are comfortable or findContinue reading “Wake Up!”

Stay Strong

Maybe you have fallen for it. Maybe you fell for the lies, the manipulation, the temptation, the promises, the thing that looked or sounded good but really wasn’t, or the short lived kindness or something else. Whatever it was, I want to encourage you to be strong. Hold to your values, hold to your faith,Continue reading “Stay Strong”

Grow In Truth

You’ve been fed the lie. The gaslighting had you. It had you stuck in the false reality of the thing. You then started growing in truth. Now, their games are just that! Yes, they are just games. They played on your kindness, your emotions, and the genuine person that you are. You let your guardContinue reading “Grow In Truth”

You Better Know This

Get to really knowing yourself, so you won’t attract the things that you don’t even like about yourself! Yeah, there is something that is very relatable and familiar about that thing. That thing is relatable, but it is also destroying you. Know what is hurting you, so you want invite the hurt in. Get toContinue reading “You Better Know This”

Understand The Thing

No matter what anyone has said or did, let us understand the thing. What happened was wrong, and what was said was wrong, but understand this. Forgiving is right. Also, don’t believe the lies of the enemy. You are who you are. We all are. Understand that you don’t need to be anyone else. WhatContinue reading “Understand The Thing”

Get Out Of The Caught Up

Have you ever just felt caught up? Have you really just got all caught up in that thing? Were you caught up in the abusive relationship, the low self-esteem, the rejection, the financial hardships, or something else? Well, it’s time to get uncaught up. Time to get out of that situation. That situation got youContinue reading “Get Out Of The Caught Up”