You Can Come Out Of This!

This thing that you are going through is no joke. I know that it is a real serious issue. I know no one understands and you must feel all alone. That thing is wearing you out and making you feel like you are just about to lose your mind. Now, believe that thing is difficult,Continue reading “You Can Come Out Of This!”

Who Can You Trust?

Okay, now you got problems, but who can you trust? Can you trust your friends or your family? Can you trust them to be there or to even keep your secret? Now, this is a big one, but can you trust the church? Will they look down on you or will the preacher use yourContinue reading “Who Can You Trust?”

Renew, Refresh, and Survive

You need to be renewed, refreshed, and you need to believe that you will survive. It’s been awful, but it’s in your renewing that you will become refreshed. It’s in your renewing that you will find out that you can survive, so renew your mind, soul, and spirit. Next, live your new and refreshed life.Continue reading “Renew, Refresh, and Survive”


Being alone has a bad reputation. Now, sometimes when you have been through some stuff, then you might need to spend some time alone. When you been used, abused, rejected, subjected, oppressed, and depressed, then you might need some time alone. Of course, it is good to confide in someone who you can trust, butContinue reading “Alone”

You A Lie!

Go ahead and put them in their place. Tell them that the devil is a liar. They tried to manipulate you and act like you were some kind of fool, but the devil is a lie. Yeah, they tried to gaslight you and even called you crazy, but again the devil is a lie. TheyContinue reading “You A Lie!”

This Ain’t You

Have you ever heard about the commercial that says that you are not you when you are hungry, and to have a snickers bar? Well, let let me tell you that you are not you when that narcissist or that abusive person is trying to destroy you. You must take your life back, so thatContinue reading “This Ain’t You”