When you are tired of being tired

How do you hold on, no no, how do you carry on when you are just tired of being tired? Sometimes the situation just keeps getting worse and it looks like there is no end in sight. The pain is real and in the midst of pain, there is no where you can go. YouContinue reading “When you are tired of being tired”

Move Forward In A New Kind Of Love

Okay, now I’ve heard that a man needs to be loved. Now, even though this is absolutely true because everybody needs to be loved, some say a man needs even more love because of what he didn’t get when he was a little boy. Also, if there wasn’t a father in the home or ifContinue reading “Move Forward In A New Kind Of Love”

Value You Even When They Devalue You

If you believe that you are valuable, then you will live a more fulfilling life. You will be less stressed and you will have more hope. When you think you are not valuable, then you are stressed about living up to expectations or stressed about not being good enough. When you believe negative things, you’reContinue reading “Value You Even When They Devalue You”

God Can Only Be God

For God can only be God. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are my ways your ways,” declares the Lord (Isiah 55:8). Humans will never be who God is. We can keep striving to be better than what we are, but the fact still remains, there is only one God. We do ourContinue reading “God Can Only Be God”

Wants, Needs, and Self-Control

Yes, we have them. We need them. We need things like food, clothing, shelter, sleep, and sex. We are just needy people. What happens when we don’t get at least one our needs met? Like the commercial says, “you are not you when you are hungry” or even like a hostage taker who could goContinue reading “Wants, Needs, and Self-Control”