In Your Vulnerable State

Be careful in your vulnerable state. Be careful when you know that things have been tough. Be careful when you feel that your back is up against the wall. Be careful when you make your decisions. Yes, be careful with your yes’s and no’s. If you are going through something that is just about toContinue reading “In Your Vulnerable State”

The Newness of You

When the that old bad season comes to a close, walk in the newness of you. Walk with your head held high. Leave all the problems and worries of yesterday in yesterday land. This is your new season, so put one foot forward and start walking into that glorious sunshine. Leave those cloudy days behind!Continue reading “The Newness of You”

The Process takes a toll, but you shall rise

Oh my goodness, going through something can be hard, terrifying, unimaginable, and just unthinkable. It’s like this. Before you buy that new house, you might have to work hard, before you get that degree, you will probably spend many days and nights studying, before you are healed, you first had to experience the pain, beforeContinue reading “The Process takes a toll, but you shall rise”

Do These Things For Yourself

Be real with yourself. If you can’t be real with anyone, be real with yourself. Forgive others, and forgive yourself. Let that guilt go that you have for yourself. Revive that dream. That’s right, get that plan and get at it. Laugh and laugh hard. Laughing is so good for you. Try something new. Hey,Continue reading “Do These Things For Yourself”

If it is yours, then love it

If it is yours, then love it. If it belongs to you then treat it right. Okay, so your wife’s body is yours, then love it. Now in order to love it, you have to do something real hard. You see, you got to listen to your wife. It might be yours, but only yourContinue reading “If it is yours, then love it”