The Toxic Tango

Some people have wanted their relationship to work, so they held on. Some people thought that if only they changed, then everything would work out. Some people thought that the bad thing that happened was a one time occurrence, but then it kept happening again and again. Some people thought that if they give upContinue reading “The Toxic Tango”


If You Don’t, Who Will

Stop depending on others to validate you. Stop putting all of your trust in others. It’s time to ask God to give you wisdom, then put some trust in yourself that you can be all that He has called you to be. God Loves You! Yes, there are some peopl you can trust and evenContinue reading “If You Don’t, Who Will”

This Thing Called Love

Love is an action. It is a good action. It is not something said in order to manipulate or control another. Now, some people in relationships use this word just to get what they want, so some people have fallen for the lie. They have fallen for the love lie. Nothing is wrong with wantingContinue reading “This Thing Called Love”

By the Grace of God

Keep pressing on. Keep pressing forward. You have already made it this far by the grace of God. Now, is not the time to quit, throw in the towel, or just plain give up. Keep the faith and keep believing in God. It’s by His grace that you are still holding on and haven’t lostContinue reading “By the Grace of God”

Don’t Get It Twisted

Don’t get it twisted, and don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’m gonna stay kind and in control cause I got too much to lose. I’m gonna keep stepping forward when they try to bring me down. When you think, I’m falling for it, I’m not. My eyes are open, so even though I walkContinue reading “Don’t Get It Twisted”

You Made Me Do It

They felt so entitled, and when they couldn’t get what they wanted, they exclaimed, “You Made Me Do It”. If you have heard this, please know that the devil is a lie. That person did it and they got out of control. It was them that thought they had some property when in fact youContinue reading “You Made Me Do It”

You Got Potential

Stop! Stop believing the lies of the enemy. He just wants you to be negative about your own self. You have heard negativity about yourself and you have believed that stuff that has been told to you and said about you over and over again. You got to let it go and believe in yourself.Continue reading “You Got Potential”