Arrows To Your Head

Rise up and know what’s coming at you. Rise up and understand that it’s a game of the enemy to destroy you. When you know that it is inconsistent, when you remember the game from the last time, when something don’t feel right about the charm, etc., rise up and wake up to the madness.Continue reading “Arrows To Your Head”

Sweep It Under The Rug

It stays between them. It shouldn’t be shared or else its betrayal. Now, this so true, but it can also be so wrong. He might tell her what goes on between them, stays between them even the abuse. He might tell her that she is running her mouth when she confides in counselors because ofContinue reading “Sweep It Under The Rug”

Its Just Been Delayed

You prayed for it and even wondered if you can still get that thing that you have asked for. Now, if it is in God’s will, then the answer to that prayer may have just been just delayed. Sometimes we just have to go through a thing before we get a thing. Sometimes God justContinue reading “Its Just Been Delayed”

The False Integrity of Them

You were hurt often by their words or actions. You tried your best not to destroy their reputation or make them look bad. You kept their secrets behind closed doors. While you were protecting them, who was protecting you? Oh my goodness, this has to stop! You can’t be hurt in the dark while theyContinue reading “The False Integrity of Them”

Lord, Bless The Children

I don’t know what the children in the world are going through, but I pray for them. My heart goes out to them. Some may have to endure the unimaginable in private, but I pray for them. Things might look good on the outside, but they could be catching it in their home. Lord, IContinue reading “Lord, Bless The Children”

Stop the Yo Yo

Sometimes people forget and forgive like people should. Now, forgiving and forgetting is a good thing. Sometimes people are in relationships with individuals who take this type of kindness for granted. You see, what they will do is wait until you have forgotten then come back with more and more of the same old mess,Continue reading “Stop the Yo Yo”

Black Lives Matter

Yes, all lives matter, but the out cry isn’t for all lives. You see, for the longest there has been injustice and prejudice toward blacks. They are getting killed and judged by the color of their skin. Now, does everyone go through the same thing? No, of course not, so again all lives matter, butContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”