Watch and Pray

So much is happening. So much is going on. People are using devilish tactics to get what they want. They are using mind games like gaslighting that can really destroy a person. The devil is using many to do his dirt. Yes, the devil is using people, then these people use the tactics from theContinue reading “Watch and Pray”

After All Of That

Sometimes when we are in a place of need, we search for help and get help where we can get it. Now, sometimes the help that we receive is no help at all. In fact, some people or stuff could even make our situation or issue worse. Of course, we need to be able toContinue reading “After All Of That”

His Needs

Are his needs important? Yes, they are. Now, let me flip this script. If his needs make him act rude, disrespectful, entitled, or even throw dangerous adult tantrums, then hold up and wait a minute. You see, this behavior does not need to be tolerated. First of all if y’all are married, then there shouldContinue reading “His Needs”

Throw This At Them

They have thrown the sticks and stones at you. They threw words at you, and yes they did hurt. They were throwing left to right. Well, batters up! Throw this at them! Step out the ordinary, and do something different. Tell them no more! Tell them that you are the head and not the tail.Continue reading “Throw This At Them”

Now That You Know Better

You done went through some terrible stuff. Whether it was abuse, financial issues, or something else, you survived. You went through, but now you know what you didn’t. Now you know that everything isn’t what it seems. Now, that you know better, you are not so easy to fall for the sweet talk. Now, thatContinue reading “Now That You Know Better”

That Long Lasting Issue

Now, y’all have heard about the woman with the issue of blood. She suffered for twelve long years. She tried to get help, but couldn’t. People knew about her issue, but no one could help. After so long, she heard about a man, and she had to touch the hem of His garment. After sheContinue reading “That Long Lasting Issue”