It Happened, but It Woke You Up

Have you ever just wanted all the good stuff to happen to you in your life? Now, we all have had some good things happen to us, but of course, we want good things to happen all of the time. Well, some things can be even better if we experience the other side of theContinue reading “It Happened, but It Woke You Up”

A New Heart

Have you ever felt like you needed a new start? Sometimes a new start means there need to be a clean-up on the inside. Somewhere along the way, things went wrong and got all messed up. Our thinking and actions were right in our own eyes, but that didn’t make it right. Yes, our actionsContinue reading “A New Heart”

Let It Go and Keep Pressing Forward

When you want to do right, it just will hurt you to mess up. Of course, we are not perfect, but messing up is just not in the plan of a person who wants to do good. Now, let me help you get that pressure off of yourself. No one is perfect! Only one humanContinue reading “Let It Go and Keep Pressing Forward”

Don’t Underestimate The Power In You

Have you ever felt powerless? Sometimes life can just suck the life right out of you, but can you be restored? Can you be made new? Yes, you can be restored and you can become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, ‘Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things haveContinue reading “Don’t Underestimate The Power In You”

Another Year Is About To Behind You, but You Shall Move Forward!!

Another year is about to be behind you, but you shall move forward. You went through a lot of stuff, but you made it. Don’t be hard on yourself because things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to. Hey, you have grown from your experiences. You have learned from your setbacks and devastations.Continue reading “Another Year Is About To Behind You, but You Shall Move Forward!!”

It’s Not In Vain

Yes, that thing is enormously painful, but it has a purpose. You are loving, kind, and hopeful, but is it all in vain? No, it is not! Maybe it’s been abuse, maybe it’s been unemployment, maybe it’s been financial hardships, maybe it’s been mistake after mistake, maybe it’s been health issues, etc., but nothing thatContinue reading “It’s Not In Vain”