You Made Me Do It

They felt so entitled, and when they couldn’t get what they wanted, they exclaimed, “You Made Me Do It”. If you have heard this, please know that the devil is a lie. That person did it and they got out of control. It was them that thought they had some property when in fact youContinue reading “You Made Me Do It”

You Got Potential

Stop! Stop believing the lies of the enemy. He just wants you to be negative about your own self. You have heard negativity about yourself and you have believed that stuff that has been told to you and said about you over and over again. You got to let it go and believe in yourself.Continue reading “You Got Potential”

Silly Rabbit

Hey, when you realize that they are gaslighting you or manipulating you, let them know that tricks are for kids. When you wake up and you begin to see, then you need to tell yourself, ‘no more. No more games and no more lies. Know your worth and don’t allow them to hurt you anymore.Continue reading “Silly Rabbit”

Watch and Pray

So much is happening. So much is going on. People are using devilish tactics to get what they want. They are using mind games like gaslighting that can really destroy a person. The devil is using many to do his dirt. Yes, the devil is using people, then these people use the tactics from theContinue reading “Watch and Pray”

The Result Won’t Be The Same

Has somebody ever told you to do what they did because it works for them? Well, what works for them may or may not work for you. Everything is not for everybody, and every situation is not exactly the same. Also, if they are doing the wrong thing and getting away with it, then youContinue reading “The Result Won’t Be The Same”

No Shame

Okay, so you have been going through some stuff. Okay, so now you have been hurting a long time and no one understands you and what’s really going on. Now, it could be that you are in abusive relationship or going through some other devastating thing, but whatever it is, don’t let your haters orContinue reading “No Shame”