The Traditional Thing

Okay, now should we follow the traditional things? Should we do what our parents, grandparents, or great grandparents did just because they are older and presumed to be wiser? Also, does age make you wise? My answer to all three is not necessarily. You see, some of them might of made more progress if theyContinue reading “The Traditional Thing”

Buried Alive

Emotional abuse can make you feel like you have been covered with dirt. It can make you feel like you are suffocating. It can make you feel like you need to get a whole lot of stuff off you that has been thrown on you. Anxiety, depression, oppression, sickness, manipulation, and gaslighting has been thrownContinue reading “Buried Alive”

POWER Machine

God is an awesome Creator!! He is the Creator of so many awesome things. He created us! Now, isn’t that something? He formed us, knitted us together, and made everything work. In us, is our soul and spirit. Our little machines (ourselves) grow everyday and become more knowledgeable and workable. Now, isn’t that something? EachContinue reading “POWER Machine”

Suffering From A Loss

Losing someone you love is painful. The grief is overwhelming. Somehow, through the grief, you have to press on. Although you must press on and not give up, it seems that you just can’t let go of the emptiness that you feel on the inside. You often think about the things that you did togetherContinue reading “Suffering From A Loss”