The Last Straw

Have you ever thought that if one more thing happens then it will be it for that job or relationship? Sometimes we take and take until we can’t take anymore. Someone might push your buttons, lie to you over and over, or treat you bad, but still many say, “I’ll let it slide, but ifContinue reading “The Last Straw”

Don’t Make a Habit of It

Watch what you do and watch what you say. Yes, it might sound good and feel good, but like the old saying goes, “Everything that looks good, isn’t good for you”. Let that thing go that’s been holding you down. It’s time to walk in freedom. Sometimes people look at what the next person isContinue reading “Don’t Make a Habit of It”

Sometimes you just got to say no and let go.

At first, it was good for you, but then you became drained. It became all you knew. You couldn’t let go of the love that you thought was true. When something takes the life out of you, drains you, and even feels you with anxiety, then you might need to let go of the rope.Continue reading “Sometimes you just got to say no and let go.”

Don’t just say it, but break the chain

Many have said, ‘The chains need to be broken’.  The saying is nice and all, but can it be done? I believe it can be, but it will take a radical movement and a movement that means doing things differently. You see, it is not just a saying. Faith without works is dead. Often times,Continue reading “Don’t just say it, but break the chain”

Devil, Get Off My Back!!

You know, it’s always something! You try your best to do good, but the devil is just waiting for you to mess up. Have you ever tried to improve in an area, but you almost slipped? Yelp, you almost said yes to that bad thing you used to do, but you remembered that you’re tryingContinue reading “Devil, Get Off My Back!!”

I’m Sorry, but You’re Not Going To Be Perfect, but It’s OK

Hey, you might fall down, but when you do, pick yourself back up and start running again. You might not be a 1st place runner, but don’t beat yourself up because you are still qualified to be in the race. Sometimes we might encounter new and unforeseen circumstances and we might not handle them right,Continue reading “I’m Sorry, but You’re Not Going To Be Perfect, but It’s OK”

Your Mess-Ups Got You Messed Up

Have you ever messed up? Have you said or done something that just wasn’t right? Come on, be honest. We all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. I know that I have looked at a situation and wished that handled it better, but what is done is done. There is noContinue reading “Your Mess-Ups Got You Messed Up”