When This Season Is Over

There is a season for everything. Sometimes seasons are just difficult. Sometimes it feels like there is a major drought, and the rain just won’t come down. Now, when that difficult season is over, things will be different. When this season is over you will have grown and learned a thing or two. When thisContinue reading “When This Season Is Over”

That Was Yesterday

That person did that thing to you, and you didn’t know what hit you. You felt hopeless, misunderstood, and undetermined. You were hurt, addicted to the pain,, and abused.. Well, that was yesterday! Today, it is time to rise up and get your joy back. It’s time to put God back as the head ofContinue reading “That Was Yesterday”

The 7th Time

There is strength in the falling. Provebs 24:16, says that a righteous man falls seven times, but gets back up. This verse says that he didn’t stay down whenever he fell, he got back up and that he didn’t give up. Sometimes we go through stuff or makes some mistakes, but we must get backContinue reading “The 7th Time”

The Traditional Thing

Okay, now should we follow the traditional things? Should we do what our parents, grandparents, or great grandparents did just because they are older and presumed to be wiser? Also, does age make you wise? My answer to all three is not necessarily. You see, some of them might of made more progress if theyContinue reading “The Traditional Thing”