When You Know, Use Your Knowledge

Hey, when you wake up, I mean really wake, you better show out with your new self. You see, when you know to do better, then you are responsible for doing better. Before you were all caught up in your mess! Before you thought you were about to lose your mind because of your situation!Continue reading “When You Know, Use Your Knowledge”

Rise Up from the Negativity

Dud you know that you are absolutely more than what people say about you? You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Did you know that you can do that which is hard? With God, nothing is impossible! Did you know that you can break the cycle? Yes, you can come out of depression, that abusive relationship,Continue reading “Rise Up from the Negativity”

I’m Praying For the Emotionally Abused

I’m praying for the emotionally abused. I’m praying that they break free from the madness and torment. I’m praying for the emotionally abused. Lord, I pray that they can be free from the chaos and confusion. Lord, I’m praying. I’m praying that you give them someone to talk to who is not judgmental but trustworthy.Continue reading “I’m Praying For the Emotionally Abused”

Get Your Act Right

Situations can be so devastating. Sometimes people are praying and hoping that other person would get their act right. Well, sometimes to get out of dysfunction, oppression, and depression, you just might have to get your act right. Not that you did anything wrong, but if the situation is just a cycle of dysfunction, abuse,Continue reading “Get Your Act Right”

You Can Come Out Of This!

This thing that you are going through is no joke. I know that it is a real serious issue. I know no one understands and you must feel all alone. That thing is wearing you out and making you feel like you are just about to lose your mind. Now, believe that thing is difficult,Continue reading “You Can Come Out Of This!”

Change The Whole Trajectory Of The Thing

You been stuck in that situation or with that issue. People know what you been going through, but they don’t know the new you who is about to rise up. Make your plan, write it down, and put your plan into action. Change the whole trajectory of the thing. Flip your story upside down. WriteContinue reading “Change The Whole Trajectory Of The Thing”