Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Are My Faults And Flaws?

We know all about what was done to us and have felt bad about what they have done. We have seen the faults of others. People can be bad. They can be pretty evil, but if we look in the mirror, the mirror can tell us some stuff about ourselves. If you look in theContinue reading “Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Are My Faults And Flaws?”

Wants, Needs, and Self-Control

Yes, we have them. We need them. We need things like food, clothing, shelter, sleep, and sex. We are just needy people. What happens when we don’t get at least one our needs met? Like the commercial says, “you are not you when you are hungry” or even like a hostage taker who could goContinue reading “Wants, Needs, and Self-Control”

It’s Time For a Reboot

Have you ever felt drained or like you have just had enough? Some people have been through too much. Some people are struggling to recover from their overload. Many people have a lot of downloads that have caused them nothing but pain. These downloads act like viruses that are just destroying them day by day.Continue reading “It’s Time For a Reboot”

You Are Equipped!!

You doubt yourself because you don’t believe in yourself. You want to accomplish so much, but you don’t believe you are qualified. Everyone who said they loved you had no faith in you. They may have even said things like “you will never amount to anything”. After hearing so much negativity, you began to believeContinue reading “You Are Equipped!!”

For All Have Sinned

They look at you all awkwardly with their perfect selves. They look at you with contempt and disgust. They whisper behind your back and turn their nose up at you. Oh, what nerve some people have!! They say that you should have known better and that you should be ashamed of yourself. They were yourContinue reading “For All Have Sinned”

It’s That Devil Who Is After You!

“Here I go again!!” This is what some think when they experience another unthinkable issue. After experiencing so many issues, some might even begin to think that something is wrong with them. Others just might believe that they will never experience anything good for too long because everything that has been good for them hasn’tContinue reading “It’s That Devil Who Is After You!”