The Phobia Of It Now

Have you ever stopped wanting to do some stuff that you used to love doing? Maybe you used to love driving, but that horrible car accident that you witnessed or was in now makes you nervous to even get in a car. Maybe you loved a certain animal, but then it became violent, so now you don’t want to get close to the that type of animal. You could of enjoyed hanging out with friends, but your so called friends might of betrayed your trust and took advantage of you, so now you are afraid to get close to anyone. Maybe you could of even enjoyed having sex, but you could of been in an abusive relationship, so now your thoughts about sex are just negative. Well, don’t beat yourself up because you have some phobia now. What you experienced harmed you, and you need to heal. Forget what your haters say. Take your time and heal. What you been through affected you, so your process of healing needs to be done in the best interest of you. Your pain is valid and you are valuable. Keep the faith and you will come through even your most difficult challenge.

God Bless You!


Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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