Orange Juice From A Grape…Say What!

You can’t get out of them what’s not there. You are there because you don’t want to give up. You are there because you believe that what you have is love, but is what you see really love? Does love hurt? According to Scripture, there is no fear in love. If that bad thing that you have experienced have occurred time and time again, then is that love. Love is kind. Are you getting kindness? It’s something coming out of that person, but is it love. You want and hope for something that is not there. Now, you can’t get orange juice from a grape, and don’t think you can get love out of an abuser. An abuser produces anger, manipulation,physical abuse, verbal abuse, control, and so on and so on. Love Yourself and and Keep Your Eyes Open!

Press Forward!!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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