Don’t Be Shaken By Them

When you are going through, people will condemn you. They will assume that they are helping you, but they are not. Don’t let anyone shake you up. People might say that you haven’t prayed enough or that you haven’t been in your Word enough. Now, if the truth be told, we gonna have trouble in our lives. The Bibles tells us to watch and pray. Does this mean that nothing won’t happen? No, of course not! We are watching because things will happen. The devil is on the prowl. He wants to destroy. The enemy will attack, and that’s why we must stay on guard. As Christians, will we will face trials and tribulations? Yes! Your salvation does not guarantee you a perfect and trouble free life. Hey, we will have tests. Now, when when we come out of the tests, we will have learned some things and grew, then we can help some people going through the same situation or issue.

Sometimes, you might have to cry. Sometimes, you might have to go through it for a long time. Sometimes, you will wonder why. Sometimes, people will say that you are going through because you are not doing something right. Don’t be Shaken! Cry out to God! Yes, it’s okay! When the righteous cry out to God, God hears them! Pray to God that He can send you someone to talk to who really understands. That makes all the difference. Don’t be Shaken by the naysers and the haters. Shake it off and press on!

God Loves You!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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