Man, Settle Down

Have you ever dreamed of getting married? Well, many do. What happens is that it doesn’t turn out to be what they dreamed of, but after all it was a dream. Don’t get me wrong, many things in life can turn out to be everything you dreamed of, but it takes work.

Now, one of the problems with marriage is that the couple don’t walk as one, but there is one who wants to be the one. Yes, of course, the husband is the head, but he should still be one with his wife.

As Jesus is the head of the church, the husband is the head of the wife. Now, this does not mean that the husband gets to run over his wife, be demanding, or treat her in any kind of way that could be emotionally abusive. You see, Jesus is loving. He is kind. He wants you to be saved, but He does not force you. He is your friend. Just as Jesus is all of these wonderful things, the marriage should resemble this kind of love as well. Yet, some believe that the duty of the head of the household is to throw his weight around, be bossy and intimidating, but I say, Man, Settle Down.

So men ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself (Ephesians 5:28). You are going to rarely see a husband do anything wrong to himself. In the same way, a husband should dedicate this care and concern to his wife as if she was his own body.

Yes, wives respect your husbands, but don’t lose yourself trying to be the perfect wife doing everything out of fear and intimidation. You know, when someone loves you, you’re not going to become fearful of them.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made in perfect love (1 John 4:18).

No one marries to be abused or to become fearful. Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but just like anything else that starts out being beautiful, it can get pretty ugly. So, to keep it beautiful, love has to be shown and respect must be given. You have to walk as one, and as the head of the household, the husband should lead and love and not abuse. He shouldn’t let his position go to his head. There are some who hold an important position in life and they began to take advantage of others and this can be said for marriage as well. Some husbands will try to take advantage of their wives simply because they are the head, but again I say, Man Settle Down.

Let God in the marriage. Love each other and love God. Husbands, lead in a loving way. Wives, love and respect your husband, but don’t ever stop loving yourself.

May God Bless Every Marriage!

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I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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