POWER Machine

God is an awesome Creator!!

He is the Creator of so many awesome things. He created us! Now, isn’t that something?

He formed us, knitted us together, and made everything work. In us, is our soul and spirit. Our little machines (ourselves) grow everyday and become more knowledgeable and workable. Now, isn’t that something? Each of us are born with an identity, and we do some amazing things with the gifts that God have put on the inside of us. Some people have corrupted their machines by using them to do the unthinkable to themselves and others. Now, back to the goodness of God! God made us, POWER Machines for His purpose. He deserves the Praises from the people whom He created.

When it’s all over, parts of the machine will be no more. Some bodies will be put into the ground (buried) and some will be burned (cremated), but we won’t be gone! God has the Power and He will give us a new and even better POWER MACHINE that won’t break down, but it will be better in an unimaginable way! Now, isn’t that something!

Take care of your machine and make it work for God’s Glory!! On this stage of life, work it as unto the Lord. Give your best in whatever you do as if it is for Him. When things get tough and you have lost your way, pray to Him, who can give us wisdom and who will forgive us. Life won’t always be easy and sometimes, our machines might need a little oiling up (power from God) but knock and ask and it shall be given to you. Ask for what you need so that your machine may do its best work.

God has a plan!

God makes all things work together for the good of them that Love God!

God Bless!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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