Take This From Me!

When you have been in a thing for too long or when you just can’t figure anything else out, what do you do? When your life is in a cycle of the same terrible thing after the same terrible thing, how do you get off the spinning wheel? Oh my, it is awful when we feel like we can’t get rid of that terrible issue or situation. It is awful, but there is hope.

God can fix anything! Before we can change that thing that we are going through, we must admit that we can’t do it by ourselves. and we must admit there is a problem.

Most of the time when people go through the same thing over and over again, then they might not be able to change their situation, because they can’t see clearly. Yes, that is correct! After a long time of being abused, the victim thinks it’s love. Because mom and dad did it this or that way, some think it is the correct way. When you think , it will get better and keep thinking it, then you just get used to hoping for better without even making changes.

God can change your situation. God can help you see clearly. Apostle Paul saw one way of doing things, but after his transformation, he saw a whole new way. He did things differently. God can change us just like He changed Apostle Paul.

There is hope. We must put it all in God’s hands, and ask Him to take those burdens or issues from us. We must have faith that our situation or issue can and will change. We can’t just have faith, but we will need to do some work. When we give it to God, He can change us and make us new. He can show us things that gives us new revelations. He can work on us, but our situation might not change right away. Once you give it to Him, just trust Him. He is working on that thing. He is working on you. Just give it to Him! God can do the impossible!

God Bless!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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