It’s Not In Vain

Yes, that thing is enormously painful, but it has a purpose. You are loving, kind, and hopeful, but is it all in vain? No, it is not! Maybe it’s been abuse, maybe it’s been unemployment, maybe it’s been financial hardships, maybe it’s been mistake after mistake, maybe it’s been health issues, etc., but nothing that you went through or are going through is wasted. Our story or that thing that we are experiencing can help someone else. When God heals us, helps us, or gets us through something, we are then in a position to help someone else. It’s not always easy to understand unless you have been there. Now, when you have been there and God has pulled you through, then you can share your testimony.

Hearing about the mistakes you made, the lessons you learned, the things you went through and how you got through can really help somebody. That test can become your testimony and that enormous mess can become your message.

Some things in life are just complicated, but somebody somewhere has went through either that same or similar complicated stuff. In life, we learn a lot of things by trial and error, or by hearing someone’s testimony. That testimony can lead someone to think that they can get through their situation.

We can help the children, the brokenhearted, the ones who are struggling, etc., even if we have been through some stuff. That time in our lives was not wasted.

We can bring hope. If you are just comfortable with giving hope to one person who might be close to you, then that still helps.

Don’t forget what you went through because your testimony can help somebody get through!!

~You Are So Valuable~ Keep Pressing On and Remember God Loves You~

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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