The Guilt Factor

Oh my goodness, how the guilt weighs heavy on some. It has taken some to an unbelievable level of self-doubt and unforgiveness. That thing that was done while some were angry, in despair, or when they felt like they had no other choice is about to destroy some. Even the guilt from someone telling people that this or that is all there fault and that things would be different if it wasn’t for them. Guilt can make you become stagnated and depressed. It will have you wondering “what if”. These thoughts about what could have been only makes things worse for the individual. Whatever happened is in the past and we can’t change the past. We can move forward and we must move forward. It might seem like your life is over, but God is a God of second chances. Forgive yourself and stop living in the past are two essential things that must be done. If you believed the lies of others and thought a situation was all your fault, then stop right there and start believing in yourself. Stop believing the lies of others and forgive them. Your life can change for the better, but you have to believe that there is hope. When you don’t know what to do, just do the best you can and trust God to turn things around. It won’t be easy, but there is nothing impossible with God. He can help you get out of that depression pit and help you move forward from reliving your past. God is good and He can set you on the right path. God Bless!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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