Wants, Needs, and Self-Control

Yes, we have them. We need them. We need things like food, clothing, shelter, sleep, and sex. We are just needy people. What happens when we don’t get at least one our needs met? Like the commercial says, “you are not you when you are hungry” or even like a hostage taker who could go ballistic if his or her needs are not soon met. In fact, when people go without a lot of things, they might begin to act out of character. If a person hasn’t had enough sleep, is hungry, or even wants sex, then his or her attitude might become a grumpy, snappy, or mean one. In relationships if a person does not get his or her needs met, then that person could become angry. This is not good. Some might even say that some throw tantrums. Of course in relationships, men and women have needs (emotional, sexual, etc.), but handling your feelings and emotions in a proper way is vital. Needs are important, but so is self control. Needs are not likely to be met in relationships willingly if there is anger or abuse. No matter what we are going through or needing, we can’t let our needs become an excuse to lose it. Remaining in control of who you are is essential to many types of relationships. Most often, the needs of many are being met, but the issues are that they are picky and impatient. They have food, but it is not what they want. They have shelter, but it is not good enough. They have a relationship, but think the grass just might be greener on the other side. Wait a minute, these aren’t needs, they are wants. So many of us have what we need, but are just not thankful. Many are trying to keep up with what others have, but don’t even realize that they have all that they need. Other important needs are to be thankful, content, and to stay in control. It is easy to give in to your feelings, but push through what you are going through and be kind. God Bless!!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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