Moving Forward While You Feel Like Giving Up

The struggle can be so real. When almost everything has gotten hard and seems unbearable, it can be hard just to take the necessary steps to do whatever you have to do. If you have been abused, rejected, suffered a loss, suffering from depression or low self-esteem, etc., then you might try to bide what you are going through. Some people try to make it the best way they know how, but it is still a struggle. Many people put their happy face or professional face on. They put that beautiful smile on their face and press on. They press on in the midst of their sadness or insecurities. There is something on the inside of them that tells them to keep pressing forward even though it’s hard, so they do. They go to work and handle their business or run errands but no one knows their struggle or that they wanted to give up hours earlier. They won’t to throw in the towel, but they can’t let go of the towel. It is something on the inside of them that is carrying them through and getting them through. This something is the power of God that is helping them each and every day. ~Hey, if you are struggling, just know that there is hope. Trouble won’t last always. Sometimes we just have to take it one step at a time and each day will get better. Some things won’t change in an instance, but if we hold on and don’t give up, each day will get better and better. Whatever you are going through, you can get through. Pain and suffering don’t last always. God Bless and Keep Pressing Forward!!

Published by RisingUpAnew

I enjoy writing, encouraging and uplifting others.

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